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Lights on in the playhouse!

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

It is much better weather today - thank goodness! - and I was outside quite early. I started by adding plants to the mini-orchard wild flower meadow. We have had to decide wether to temporarily scrap this idea and mow the grass, or to continue letting the grass grow and add wild/appropriate flowers. I have decided to continue and I plant in the grass some spare plants from the polytunnel that look appropriate for a meadow. These include Saxifrage, Deadnettle, oxalis, Gaura and three little Aubretia.

I didn't want to cut the grass and lose some of the existing wild flowers that are doing well, like the Red Clover. The little meadow doesn't actually look that bad and the bees love it. I had intended to weed the central border today, but first I have to cut the little 'zig-zag' box hedge. This hedge has never been cut and needs to be given some shape, also, it must be cut before it is sprayed. This turns out to be a nightmare job and takes all day! Hedges are not usually my responsibility but this little specimen is very difficult to access and would be tricky for Patrick to cut with his bad leg. I had to be very careful not to tread on plants and some plants like Pampas and Verbena Bonariensis have very abrasive surfaces to their stems and leaves and by the end of the day, my arms are red and burning!

Patrick continued working on the polytunnel, and a slight disadvantage of the more transparent polycarbonate plastic becomes apparent...I can now see under my workbench from the outside! I have a 42foot growing bend and underneath I store everything I need, for my growing/propagation work, ie. pots, trays, modular trays, tools etc.! Needless to say, this is not kept particularly tidy, but now it is on view, so some major sorting out is required! So I started on this rather unwelcome task as the light faded. Travis has come over again and assisted by James makes lots of progress with the lights and that evening the new lights come on in the playhouse - there is one inside the house and one outside. As light fades the lights in the little house, peeping through the cardoons, look adorable! The intention is to also have lights beside the Auricula Theatre, Fruit Cage, viewing platform and the far corner where the gate is situated.

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