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In my new life (since Covid-19), today was quite a different day. Normally my days are very similar and follow the same routine, particularly at the moment, as I am no longer able to do ‘face to face’ teaching because of the second lockdown. This means I dress in outdoor working clothes, get grandad up, feed and clean the chicken and go outside to work for the day. Today was different because we were doing another Zoom talk in the morning. This meant I needed to get up earlier and dress in respectable clothes and even put on some make up! Grandad and the chicken both had to have an earlier start so I could be ready by 9:30am to sit in front of a computer screen to check everything was set up for the talk correctly. The talk then started at 10:30am, the group was Hatch End Horticultural Society who are a lovely group of people, some of whom have visited the garden more than once.

The talk went smoothly and quite a few people asked questions at the end, and to my surprise, several people were quite emotional. Apparently, they found our story quite overwhelming (in a good way), this was not the reaction I was expecting, but I was extremely touched.

Aideen and I then went outside and Aideen volunteered to clear another potato bed. Several of the Hatch End group today had commented, “how do we keep up with things”, well I had to admit, that at the moment the answer is ‘not very well’, so I am very grateful to Aideen that she is lending a hand.

I take the remaining 16 bags (400 bulbs) of daffodils and narcissi out to the forest garden bed and start planting. By 5pm, I have reached the end of the bed…that now means all the daffodils and narcissi are planted which is 3050 bulbs in total, a good start!

Aideen and I come in and order three different selections of wild flower seed which I will add to our little wildflower meadow. I then get ready for my online teaching, a few of my pupils are continuing lessons during lockdown, so I sit in front of the computer again for another two hours. I’m sure this is quite normal to most people, but it seems strange to me, it is a very weird way to give a music lesson. However, it was lovely to see at least a few of my pupils and I am grateful to do some work. Tomorrow, I’ll be back to my normal, scruffy self!

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