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22 JUN 2020

It takes a while to get outside today…Patrick is happy because the ‘dumper hire man’ has decided to leave the dumper truck here all week rather than take it away and bring it back at the weekend. Patrick immediately started to list all the things we can move whilst it is here. When I get outside I check the dahlias I have already planted, particularly the ones that had rooted through their pots into the polytunnel beds. These plants will now require cossetting, they look big and lush, but this is because their roots had reached extra soil and moisture, their impressive appearance is deceptive. Inevitably, I will have broken some of those roots removing the plants from the polytunnel bed and they will now not have a big enough root system to maintain such a big plant, especially if it gets hot. This morning they all look OK but I gave them extra water just in case…I don’t want to lose any.

Some of the dahlias I am planting out have a very large bunch of tubers and when I potted them up after the winter, despite my impressive collection of old plastic pots, I didn’t have enough large containers for them all. This year I have used as ‘pot substitutes’ shelves of a vegetable rack, ‘bags for life’ (with punctured holes in the base) and cardboard boxes (these do collapse). All these substitutes have done a good job!

I manage to plant out two large display beds, probably about 50 plants. This turns out to be a very enjoyable experience, the soil is beautiful, very easy to dig holes (luckily as I have 50 holes to dig!)  and I feel as if I’m putting each one of these beautiful plants into a very welcoming home. They will certainly be much happier in these lovely beds than their plastic pots or even carrier bag or box when the hot weather returns this week. Being in the garden today brings on a particularly strong feeling of wellbeing, I feel so lucky, grateful, happy and fortunate to be able to spend time in this lovely place.

At our tea break today, Aideen brings out her latest creation, a berry sorbet which is lovely, but does look rather alarming on Grandad’s luscious white beard! (We all need a visit from our beloved hairdresser!).

This morning I picked the first figs, which came off the tree easily and felt soft but turned out to be not quite ripe.

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