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Hottest day of the year so far!


I get up very early to prepare for todays private visit. I pick lots of salad leaves and strawberries and then I water everything and generally tidy up.

We have four people for the private visit (10am - 3pm). These are two sisters who knew church gardens and Connie Johnson, from visiting the nursery with their father when they were children. It was lovely to hear their memories of the place and I was able to give them copies of some of my photos of Connie. There was another lady on her own and my dear friend Anne (who came as my guest). Although I had been apprehensive about today, it went very smoothly. We took a very relaxed approach and did not walk around for too long at a time because it was so hot! For lunch (vegetarian), I made a flan with peas, leeks and broad beans from the garden and green salad and we had strawberries and cream for dessert. I tried to use as much home grown produce as possible. After lunch we had some time looking at the garden diaries, books of planting plans and the conservation plan. These all made more sense to our visitors now, because they had already had a tour around part of the garden. We finished with a shorter tour showing more of the restoration and history side of the garden (the morning tour focuses on the kitchen garden), the ladies all seemed to enjoy themselves and one of the ladies asked if she could move in!

When our guests had left, I tried to get as much gardening done as possible, knowing that I wouldn't be around on Sunday. I planted out a tray of Quinoa (which I still want to pronounce wrong!) having first added several barrows of compost to the bed. I interplanted the Quinoa with turnips. I had a few Okra plants (the others were munched by a slug in the polytunnel) and I planted these at the end of the bed. I added some rather stunted Cosmos and Tithonia (they had been growing for too long in a small module tray) as companion planting. I then finished with a marathon watering session in preparation for going to Bristol tomorrow.

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