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Hottest Day of the Year


Another early start, I try to get as much done as possible before Martin arrives but he is even earlier than yesterday, trying to avoid the worst of the sun. Gradually everyone ends up in the hole Patrick, then Diane, then James, Aideen and Meave and at the end even me shovelling earth towards Martin's digger so it could be removed more easily! It is difficult to describe how horrendous it was, a horrible back breaking job on the hottest day of the year! I had already spent c3hrs watering to try and prepare the garden for the awful day ahead.

When the digger goes, I go shopping with Diane for some final bits for her graduation tomorrow. Shopping in this heat, pretty unbearable, but gardening would have been fairly impossible as well. We return exhausted but I carry on with the fruit cage border, slowly but making some progress. I also plant out the pots in the herb garden and remove the blanket weed from the pond - leaving it on the side in case anything is caught in it and needs to return to the pond. I finish the day watering, although rain is forecasted, you can never be too sure. I end up getting desperately frustrated with the hose pipe which has developed a serious leak. I end up crying to Patrick - probably partially due to exhaustion, and he comes out and fixes it for me, thank goodness!

I am very glad to say it rains in the night.

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