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Horrendous weather!


Very bad weather today, so Emma comes over with Bobby and does my hair...even if its only really for the benefit of the plants!


Today the weather is truly terrible, with incredibly heavy rain and storms. There is quite severe local flooding and quite a few trees have come down. The weather conditions must be bad as several of my pupils do not manage to get to their lessons! I spend the day sorting out an order for Autumn sown veg and flowers and start working out which bulbs I will plant this year. I am planning to sow a lot more veg than I usually do in the Autumn, some will be planted outside and some for planting in the tunnel once the summer crops have finished. The harvest from the garden is still very prolific, with tomatoes, basil, peppers, and chillies in the tunnel, radishes, courgettes, potatoes, beans, raspberries and strawberries outside.

A selection of tomatoes, including some that are huge

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