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Hidden Dahliahs!


Having promised to come and help several times, Mark (of the hanging baskets) comes today and I give him a large bed to weed, which he attacks with gusto! The field next to us has been cut and today they are collecting the grass. This attracts about 12 Red Kites to come and hover over us all day. They are so impressive that it is hard not to become distracted.

I have decided to give myself a 'day off' caterpillars today and I start by planting out the plants I bought at Kew - 2 Salvias, Wendy's Wish and Embers Wish (I'm building up quite a collection), I add these plants to the cottage garden at the back of the house. The other plant is a Cerinthe Major Purpurascens, an unusual looking plant I first saw at Aberglasney, this specimen is added to the field border.

I then have a watering session, all new veg, the fruit, polytunnel, cold frames and containers. This is beginning to be quite time consuming but cannot be avoided as the ground despite recent rain is dry. I then pot up the spare tomatoes into generously sized pots of new compost, my intention is to sell them at the next open day. I then continue with the Sweet Peas, this painful job is very slow. I had not anticipated spending so much time on it but there is little that can be done to speed up the process.

At the end of the day I discover a large box of dahlia tubers in the basement! These were passed on to me last year and had ended up hidden at the back of the basement some of them had tried to sprout so I quickly pot them up and hope they will catch up with the others.

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