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Harp transporting


Today we had to take Aideen's harp to London for her ex-teacher, Tanya, to borrow. Tanya now lives in Ireland and had to fly over for an extra last minute rehearsal for a BBC Prom and had no harp! It was another really hot day so while we waited for her rehearsal to finish Aideen and I walked around Regents Park and met up with Meave for lunch. This was very nice but we were so tired after the open day that we really just wanted to sleep - so we walked very slowly in a bit of a daze! We saw some beautiful roses which I made a note of for future reference. When we got home we decided to drink and eat nibbles and Aideen, Meave and I drank an entire bottle of Aperol as Spritzs' with prosecco and we walked around our own garden, with Patrick, and sat in all the nice spots.

When Aideen decided to sit on the high wall by the viewing platform - unusually risky behaviour for our usually sensible daughter - we realised that she was probably a bit tipsy and we went back to the house. I then watered all of the veg and Meave made dinner.

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