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Hard wet work!


It is wet, windy and miserable today. While Aideen and I are at music school, Patrick battles on (with some help from James) with the vine mount. He builds a ramp and they both start borrowing the earth and compost into the lower terrace. I join them when I get back from music school, but it is really hard work.

The weather is very demoralising and the earth is heavy and sticky because of the rain. The ground and boards are slippery underfoot and our shoes are heavy and caked in mud. I feel very sorry for Patrick who can only move at half the speed of James and myself, but he has obviously been trudging backwards and forwards all day. He will get a break from all this hard work when he has his operation on his ankle, this is why he is working so hard to get the mount ready for planting. After his operation, he will be unable to walk for weeks but we are all praying that the new joint will be a success and will transform his existence - nobody could deserve it more! The rain gets worse and the light is fading quickly so by 4:30 we give up on moving earth and the boys retreat inside. I decide to go in the poly tunnel to pot up some of my new arrivals. I manage to ‘pot up’ 24 Sedum Kamtshaticum, 24 Aster Alpinus, 24 Gypsophila Prostrata Pink and 24 Dianthus De Holder. I come inside at 6:30, as it is pitch dark and I’m quite cold and damp. It is quite a fiddly job potting up these rather miserable ground cover specimens, they always look unpromising when they first arrive, but hopefully they will pick up soon!

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