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A beautiful day today - Ironically we were expecting rain.

It is Halloween today, a very important day for a garden that has a big pumpkin patch! It has become quite a tradition at Church Gardens to display a good selection of differently carved pumpkins. Ironically we never get a visit from trick-or-treaters, probably because they don’t want to walk past the graveyard! Therefore our pumpkins are only seen by ourselves and maybe my pupils if it is a teaching day. However, I do not let that put me off…I love celebrating seasons and festivals in the garden and Halloween marks the true end of Summer especially as it coincides with the clocks going back and the nights drawing in.

Every year my designs become a bit more inventive…this year I decide it would be interesting to carve a ‘Boris’ pumpkin and a ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ pumpkin, particularly because of the significant date! Like most things round here, it is OK having an idea, but putting it into practice is not so easy! I chose my biggest pumpkin for Boris and it turned out to be the hardest to carve. It was a 'Yellow Hundred Weight' and they are very tough with a very thick skin/flesh. Boris was quite a simple design but trying to come up with a convincing Jeremy Corbyn was much harder…I chose a thinner pumpkin for him that was still quite green. I will not really know if the designs have worked until they are lit, we will have to wait and see…

I went on to carve some of my old favourites; a cat, owl, spider, house and a skeleton. I then arranged them at the front of the house along with all the pumpkins that didn’t receive the 'carving treatment'. I was very pleased with the final result, and Jeremy and Boris do look quite convincing, to me at least. Technically, as a 'church going' Christian, I shouldn’t be celebrating Halloween, but my faith has to sit alongside me celebrating the natural cycles of the seasons, personally, I do not find any conflict.

Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson

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