• Kay

Grandad to hospital


Grandad has not been felling very good for a couple of days, a bit shakey on his feet and off his food - very unusual! I phone for a doctor to come out and see him, but when I go across to tell grandad I find he has fallen down beside the bed. I call an ambulance and Grandad reluctantly agrees to go to hospital. He is not a great believer in medical intervention only having been in hospital twice in his life - a broken pelvis when he was 80 ( he came off his bike) and for severe tonsilitus when he was doing his National Service in Catterick! We go to Hillingdon where I remain with him in A&E waiting for a bed for 8hrs, he has lots of tests and all it reveals is markers for an infection in his blood samples. Poor dad doesn't get onto a ward until the following morning, by which time he is quite grumpy and confused...unsurprisingly! All the doctors and nurses are lovely and we hope we will be able to take him home soon.

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