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Good weather at last!


Today it is cold but the sky is blue and the sun is shining. I played in church today on my own because the girls were all busy elsewhere. Luckily James was still available and he helped Patrick to continue filling the 2nd terrace whilst I was at church. They were now using some old compost that has been sitting in the bins in the compost yard for the last few years. We know that vines appreciate compost being added to their growing area and these bins needed to be cleared because the compost yard is going to be redeveloped soon so this is an opportunity to move forward in two areas. On my return from church I join in pushing barrows. We work away steadily and finish by topping the compost with leaf mould. It looks very impressive and we muse on how many hundreds of barrows it has taken to fill it!

I've started to look at grape vines that are suitable to grow outside and Patrick thinks we will need to put in about 30 Vines to cover the terraces. We also order some wild flower seed to sow in the mini orchard. It is officially the end of British Summertime today but I still manage to pick a bowl of raspberries. We know it will be cold tonight so we cover up the brickwork and I drape fleece over the succulents in the polytunnel incase the temperatures drop too low.

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