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Good Friday

19 April 2019

Diane spent most of last night up cleaning the house – I gave up at about 1.30am. We all got up early this morning and carried on cleaning. Our house does get very messy because we all work so hard and nobody is interested in housework. However, by the time we need to go to Church, the house looks quite presentable again.

The Good Friday Service starts at 12.00 and the first hour is aimed at a younger audience and the Youth Choir sings. At 1.00pm they go back to our house for a break and a snack and then both Choirs return for the final hour from 2.00 – 3.00pm for the main musical part of the Service. It all goes very well and everyone comes back to the house for tea and cake and a walk around the garden – as has been the tradition for many years now. By 5.00pm everyone has left so we all get changed and go outside. I carry on weeding and the family all scatter to attend to their various jobs in hand. The good thing is the house is sorted and we have some spare cakes to use on Monday.

We all work on until late in the evening again and are forced inside by lack of daylight.

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