• Kay

Glorious Day


It is a beautiful warm and sunny day today, warm enough for T-shirts. I've painted 11 wooden plant labels for my garlic and onions and tidied the polytunnel after my hanging basket operations yesterday and I potted up the plants that were removed from the baskets and put them on the central bed. I cleaned out Pecky, who had laid another egg, she now has her own designated egg box in the fridge. I had eaten the second garden melon for breakfast and I gave Pecky the two melon skins to peck out. I then barrowed in my compost/leaf mould/wood ash mixture to spread on the bed where I am intending to plant the onions and then planted out bags of sets, of Radar, Electric, Shakespeare, Snowballs, and Senshuy Yellow Onions, and Jermor Shallots. I then planted the little Asters out, and decided where to put the Thyme. I then planted out the last 2 hanging baskets and then helped Patrick to cover the new brickwork with Hessian and tidy up.

PS. I check the bees today and they were noisily active - great to see!

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