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I suspect that during this first week of returning to my teaching I might not be as productive in the garden as usual. This is because it takes quite a while to get going in the morning because of getting dad up and one of the advantages of not teaching has been having extra time in the late afternoon and early evening to work outside. This time on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, will now no longer be available. I am also noticing it is quite hard to fit my work back in, as my time has been completely filled during lockdown with care duties and work outside and I will have to work out a new balance so I do not get too tired. The other issue this week is the weather which has become very hot again, poor dad is finding it very uncomfortable. This is increasing my watering duties and slightly limiting what I will do outside.

Therefore, I decide to attend to some other business, and Aideen and I compose an Email to send to Gardeners World. We have had many visitors, since we started opening in 2018, suggest that we should contact Gardeners World about the garden, and our visitors at the weekend were particularly enthusiastic on the subject; “Gardeners World would have a field day here!”, they said. So today we decided to take up their suggestion and make contact with the programme. It will be very interesting if we receive a response…watch this space.

I had been inspired to go ahead with this idea after walking around the garden collecting fruit for breakfast with Aideen. The garden is particularly beautiful in the morning and I noticed that every path I looked down in the vegetable garden had a lovely view of colourful companion planting, overflowing out of the raised beds and when you walked into the vegetable garden many of the beds were smothered in hundreds of wild bees. Considering all the negative news about the environment recently, we both thought our garden could provide a more positive story that might cheer people up!

I also spent some time on the bulb order for the garden, pacing out the edges of the front field to assess the quantity of daffodil bulbs needed to give a good display…at the moment, I’m thinking at least 2000!

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