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Garden Visit - Chalfont St Peter Garden Club


Today is a garden visit day, so the morning is spent on a major tidying binge...although work will continue while I take the tour around, we have to tidy up the piles of old wood and polythene, put ladders in safe positions, and sweep up the piles of debris. I continue tidying the polytunnel because of heavy rain that had not been forecasted, I finish rearranging my massive collection of plastic pots and take some out - it is very difficult to know what to do with plastic pots, I reuse them all year round but I can safely say I have many more than I need, but I don't want to dump them. I'm optimistically thinking that maybe they will be useful if I start selling plants...maybe? I then picked runner beans and courgettes to sell to our visitors - ironically I remembered when the group arrived that the visit had been arranged as a 'treat' after their own horticultural show the previous day, therefore it was unlikely that they would need any more vegetables! However, nearly all of the courgettes, some beans and quite a few guide books were sold. The visit was a great success, after an initial hiccup...James (who hasn't been with us for one of these group visits before) let some of the visitors into the back garden very early -(normally they congregate outside to start the tour). This caused panic amongst the rest of us who were rushing about upstairs getting showered and changed - we have no curtains!!!

Hopefully our visitors didn't see more than they had bargained for, and they were lovely, several people mentioned they had heard about us from other groups and they kept saying they would 'spread the word' which is very kind. Aideen made the cakes again ( I like this system!) A lemon drizzle and a strawberry and white chocolate - using strawberries from the garden - delicious! Travis, Emma and baby Bobby were with us again working on the electrics and there were lots of positive comments about our intergenerational way of living. Patrick continues to battle with the polytunnel, I've asked hime to put windows in the side of the polytunnel over the bench. This is a great idea, but it has been very tricky to put into practice, and has slowed progress.

One of the lovely things about the visits is peoples' generosity. On this visit one lady offered us a baby walnut tree and one man said he had an old lawn mower. At the last visit a couple said they had too many statues and potentially offered some to us, another lady has passed on a novel about bees and we have had surplus plants passed on to us - so I would like to say thank you again to all of these kind people!

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