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Garden Visit


I get up bright and early to make sandwiches and pick salad. Luckily Meave has a day off today and can help Aideen with the refreshments. It is quite a big group, 38 people, too many to take on a guided tour in one go. I intend to split the group, so there will be two guided tours and refreshments will be staggered. The group start to arrive early and we gather in the courtyard for an introductory talk. The group are delightful, everyone is enthusiastic and interested. They enjoy the cake, buy guide books and eat all the salad, even when some of it blows on the grass! We finish with a visit to the church and everyone departs very happy! I am exhausted it has been a very busy week, but a very satisfying one. I finish up the sandwiches and after helping to dismantle the marquees leave for a rehearsal, minus Aideen. She is writing her dissertation, she hands me a copy to read through in my bars rest!

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