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Frightening Wind


The wind is horrendous today, capable of real damage - it really is my least favourite weather. I began my day with an extensive dead heading session of sweet peas, I'm worried they will not continue flowering to the Open Day. Whilst doing this job I notice one of the huge beautiful Dazzler Cosmos at the end of the border has blown down and snapped off cleanly at its base. I am very upset, I now have a huge gap in the display and I love these plants. I set about tying and staking everything that is vulnerable or that has already fallen over! This is very upsetting and I find other casualties as I go, I try to save dahlias, cannas, giant cosmos and sweetcorn. At one point, I'm standing by the sweetcorn bed, having just picked up and staked five sweetcorn plants and a huge gust of wind hits the garden and the sweetcorn whip about in all directions! I stand with my arms out, helplessly, as if I could shield them and I just cry. Potentially the entire garden could be flattened and there is nothing I can do... times like these really remind a 'mere mortal' of their complete insignificance and puniness in the face of the power of Nature! I spend hours trying to mitigate the damage and try to put on a brave face when Emma and Bobby come over with Travis to start on the electrical work.

I finish the day weeding and digging over and levelling half of the cold frames, this is preparation for sowing carrots, radishes and spring onions. I am late doing this (should probably have been done by July) but I was keen to grow carrots this year and I thought the walls of the cold frame might guard against carrot fly. Also this late crop can have protection when the weather gets cooler. This is another example of how difficult it is for one gardener to keep to some sort of schedule on such a big plot!

p.s Another sad casualty of the wind were my only two pears on the mini pear tree blew off. I have brought them inside to ripen.

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