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Frantic Planting!


The weather is cold and miserable and I plan to stay in the polytunnel planting seeds. I start by writing a list of jobs to do and then retrieve my elderly root trainers. I then plant 32 Edamame Beans – Summer Shell. I then remember some Begonia Tubers and Lily bulbs that were put to one side before the open day and plant 5 Begonia Odorosa Sweet Pink, 10 Frimbiata mixed and 12 mixed Pot Lilies. I then continue with vegetables seeds 32 x Soya bean, Elena, 36 Runner beans, Aurora and 16 Firestorm, 6 x Butler, 6 x Celebration, 6 x Czar, 6 x Moonlight and 8 x Lady Di. Runner beans were very disappointing last year so I hope for greater success this year with all these varieties! I then plant the courgettes 10 x Partenon and 5 x Zuccini. Then my favourite bean Borlotta Lingua di Fuoca x 49, 15 x climbing French bean, Cobra, then the Dwarf French beans, Delinel x 12, Safari x 12, Stanley x 8, Slenderette x 8, Speedy x 8, Alguillon x 8 and Traviata x 8. After all this planting I am determined that we have a proper dinner tonight so I bring in leeks, red cabbage, swede, kale and butternut squash. I make butternut squash and leek soup and a big chicken, leek and mushroom pie with mashed swede, red cabbage braised with apple and kale sautéd in butter with garlic and peas.

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