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Fountain behaving strangely

Updated: Oct 9, 2019


I spent the early part of the day cutting back the wild rocket - this is a very vigorous self seeding plant and although it is useful, it blocks the paths if you are not careful! I am also deadheading madly, lots of calendula today, although a lot of this plant is finishing now. Despite the uncertain weather, Andy comes over to do some weeding and I ask him to weed in front of the baby box hedges surrounding the Dahlia beds at the top of the central border. I am very grateful to Andy for his help, and thankful that he seems to enjoy visiting us now and then. I then go back to planting seeds, a tray of 84 Nigella and 84 Cornflower, Black Ball. I then sow 3 root trainers - each has 32 modules of sweet peas - Spencer, Spencer Waved Mix, and Old Fashioned Mix. Our fountain is acting oddly - the water coming out of the top is now coming out in a much higher spout which is largely missing the two fountain bowls and often overshooting the pool altogether and spraying any unsuspecting passing human or animal! I have no idea why it is doing this and it will need investigation!

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