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Forgetting Things

Today started quite bright and sunny. I decide to continue planting the fruit and so begins a pattern of behaviour that occurs most days due to a combination of getting distracted and then forgetting things! First I notice that one variety of celeriac has not geminated in the propagator and I decide to replace it with the other successful variety. I go back inside and waste a lot of time trying to find the desired pack of celeriac seeds...unsuccessfully. This is very annoying. I give up and go back outside, I then realise I've left my gloves inside, I go back into the house and decide to have another look for the celeriac seeds... still unsuccessful, I then go back outside even more irritated. I then take my tools down to the fruit cage but realise I need another tool, go back to the polytunnel etc, etc, etc. This happens all of the time and because the place is so big, you end up walking miles - I should have one of those step counters - the amount of exercise I have, I should be in great shape... what's going wrong? Probably eating too many vegetables!

Today I plant out all the hybrid blackberries, Black Butte, Karaka Black and Merton Thornless. I then also plant the three remaining stepover apples, one of which is worryingly inflexible. I then carefully plant the Dwarf Mulberry and the Cherry Sunburst, in two of the large central planters. Grandad helped to hold them in place while I secured them to a support with a small piece of a pair of tights!

After lunch I decide to plant a tray of sweet peppers to put in the new propagator - it's great having this extra space to get plants off to an early start. I plant 5 each of Bullhorn Mix, Marconi Rossa, California Wonder, Sweet Banana, Biquino Yellow, Quadrato d'Asti Rosso, Sweet Pimento Salsa and Long Red Marconi. As I pack up to go inside to start teaching, one of our cats, Tiggy, sticks her head and paw through the roof of the tunnel and waves her paw at me, we really need to replace this cover with something more substantial!

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