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Fishing for Dahlias

8 November 2019

Today is not a good garden day. I spend the morning preparing for my Remembrance Concert final Rehearsal this evening and concert tomorrow. I then have to prepare a meal for tonight as we will all be hungry after two rehearsals back to back. I finally get outside in the afternoon, firstly to spend some time fishing the Dahlia flowers out of the fountain pond with the skimming net. They needed

to be removed before they sank. We floated them in the water last weekend as it made such a pretty display but it would not be good to allow them to decompose onto the pond floor.

Patrick then plaintively bemoans that the new brickwork needs to be covered up as there is some frost forecasted over the next couple of nights. We had only put the numerous rolls of damp, smelly Hessian into the basement a few days before (as we had to tidy everything up after the bricklayers had finished) so they all need to be pulled out again and unrolled onto the paths so that I can try and work out which piece goes onto which wall. This is a long, annoying job and Patrick is not free to help as he needs to work. His impending foot operation has set him a deadline to get certain Office things done by. Thankfully, Meave comes outside to help me but it still takes an hour and a half to get this job done. By this time, I need to stop as it is time to take the harp up to the Church and set up for the rehearsal.

I rehearse the Choirs from 4.45 to 6.30pm and then Aideen and I pack things up as quickly as possible and head off to rehearse with Philharmonic from 7.30 until 10.00pm. We really did enjoy our dinner when we returned home.

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