• Kay

First Sweetcorn


I was tired this morning ( hardly surprising) and still very upset about my cooker. I tried to get on with the watering but I kept getting distracted by things in the kitchen! I finally settled down to working outside (definitely my preferred environment) and I weed the end of the celery bed, next to our first crop of beetroot. I then planted out a tray of new beetroot (our 3rd crop). I carried on weeding, mainly in that bed and dead heading. At the end of the day I pick 7 sweetcorn for dinner…this is probably a bit late in the season. You are supposed to pick sweetcorn when the tassel is dark brown, however, I have found the cobs to sometimes still be not fully ripe at this stage. I am cautious by nature and I keep giving them more time to ripen and sometimes I leave them too long and they become chewy and not nice! I also harvested some beetroot but I still do not have a cooker! I received a lovely card from Mark about the open day and a letter form an old friend who saw the small article advertising our open day in the Telegraph, this does cheer me up!

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