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Fighting with the wind

The day started windy but quite bright. When I finally get outside, I write another list to help me to prioritise what to do next. I decide I can finish cutting back the fruit tree border. The wind is very irritating because it keeps blowing the contents of my barrow out onto the path. I can also see it whipping the black plastic cover where I plant my pumpkins. I plant the squash and pumpkins through the little squares cut in the polythene, normally the flap to cover each square is weighted by a brick. However, the bricks are piled up at the edge of the path, from when I swept up the area after clearing the remains of dead pumpkins. I can see if I don't move fast the wind will rip the polythene, so I quickly replace all the bricks to hold each flap in place and also to secure the polythene. There are about 60/70 bricks, it is a big pumpkin patch.

After finishing the fruit tree border it looks much neater, I go out to the front of the house and prune the hydrangeas and cut back the salvias. I am very pleased to noice the 'Bleeding Hearts' (Dicentras) are coming up - I had been worried that they might have been removed by accident!

By 3:00 it starts to rain heavily and the wind is even stronger, I retreat to the polytunnel followed by the cats and the dog. It is fantastic to be able to carry on working under cover, I have a ridiculous amount of seeds to plant so it gives me an opportunity to get some done. The polytunnel sounds like a ship in a heavy sea, the plastic flaps like sails and my long work bench judders as the wind pushes at the tunnels foundations and all the wind chimes tinkle away in alarm!

I notice the sweet peas in the new propagator have started to emerge so they will be able to move soon to make room for other things.

I plant one tray of 40 mini pots with 5 each of Aubergines Enorma, Rossa Bianca and Moneymaker, 10 Sweet Pepper Gourmet, 10 Chilli Serrano Tampigueno and 5 Hot Cayenne. I plant another tray of Chilis, 10 Hot Razzmatazz, 10 Hungarian Wax, 10 Ring of Fire, and 10 Early Jalapeno. I finish the outside part of my day by potting up 15 Auriculas into old terracotta flower pots. These will be for the Auricula theatre that I hope Patrick is going to build into the corner of the Kitchen Garden

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