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Fight with hosepipe!


Today has been frustrating, it is beautiful weather but unseasonably hot and I'm having to water things much more than I would normally at this time of year. Also, the soil then drives up and bakes hard ridiculously quickly - it is not ideal conditions to plant tender seedlings, but I have no choice in the matter as there are literally thousands of young plants to go out and they will not be happy if they out grow their planting trays. This means very vigilant checking of the new veg beds to check nothing wilts before it can establish itself! My intention today was to plant out the brussel sprouts and cauliflower bed and then sort out the polytunnel, but I don't get away from the brassicas until 2:00. This is partly due to being delayed by watering. At present I have a very long hosepipe (it needs to be long!) made up of 3 different sections, each of a different age. According to Patrick I should disconnect each section, roll them up and move it into position in an orderly fashion. I obviously don't do this because I'm in a hurry and I attempt to pull the unwieldy contraption to where I need to be! This is a classic case of 'less haste, more speed' and I should know better because it then gets in a knot! I then got very cross and started shouting at it ( very like Basil Fawlty!) so much so that Aideen came away from her harp practice to check I was OK. She came down to offer help but when I suggested that she held part of the hose while I tried to undo the knots she refuses because she can't get her hands wet when she's playing the harp! Well that did not improve my temper so she hastily retreated! I finally finish watering my baby brassicas and get to the polytunnel at about 3:00 - delayed even further by having to put the dinner on - not easy as no one had washed up and the kitchen was even less easy to work in than normal! I now have to clear the side bed of the polytunnel so I can plant the chillis, peppers and aubergines, and also the climbers that run along the back wall. I make a good start planting the 'black eyed susan' in tall pots with the bottoms cut out to lift them above the strawberry plants. I also plant the new Ipomea 'cardinal' amongst the sweet peas. It is then time to go to Philharmonic with Meave and Aideen where our yawns do not pass unnoticed by our conductor's 'eagle' eye!

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