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Feeling my age!


Today it is supposed to rain but apart from one big down pour it is remarkably dry! We have no James today, Meave is house sitting for Joy and Diane is away, so it falls to Aideen and I to help Patrick with the mushroom house This is heavy labouring - something I try to avoid nowadays! We start by digging out two sections of foundation. Aideen digs and I take away the barrows - this is quite a long trip (similar to me shifting barrows of compost) but I then have to push the barrow up to the top of the earth heap to empty it! This is hard, particularly as everywhere is wet and quite slippery! I have the music of Tchaikovsky’s 6th Symphony, 3rd Movement running on a loop through my head from yesterdays concert which serves as a good pace maker/distraction! After finishing this job we have to collect barrows of ballast from the front of the house to make cement, this is probably even heavier than soil! I continue moving the ballast whilst Aideen mixes the cement - playing Strauss’s Don Juan on the harp one day, mixing cement the next - ‘that’s my girl!’. Patrick is finishing block-work and then he cuts the concrete beams for the roof and luckily Meave returns home and helps him lift them. They are too heavy for Aideen and I, my days of lifting that much weight are over! Tonights dinner uses about 6 green peppers from the tunnel and we also have a tomato and basil salad. I also bring in the largest melon, which although not quite ripe, is edible (still nice) but it’s skin as just beginning to rot where it was resting on the cover. I notice that the beautiful blue Morning Glory in the tunnel has finally decided to flower - the same as last year, leaving it almost too late, risking being killed by the frost!

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