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Father's Day


There was talk of a more restful day today because it is Fathers Day…but we have a dumper truck still on hire and thousands of bricks to move…the bricks win! To be fair, this is how Patrick would prefer to spend the day and the day starts well with the gentleman we met yesterday coming to collect the tree stumps. Patrick and the girls work steadily all day and they manage to move more than half of the bricks which is brilliant. We decide it might be worth hiring the dumper next weekend to continue the job as we have sand to shift as well and it certainly beats moving everything in a wheel barrow!

There are some treats for Patrick, Meave makes a lovely lunch and Aideen makes lemon verbena (from the garden) ice cream in her new ice cream maker and it was delicious. After a fine breakfast, which included raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries from the fruit cage, I carry on with the dahlias. First I carry on tidying the arches that bridge each pair of display beds, weeding at their base and tying in the plants. Then each bed is raked and any weeds/debris (from compost) removed, I then decide to set each bed out and bring all the plants down from the top of the kitchen garden. I have decided to arrange all the beds the same, with a sweep of colour starting with white then pale pink, dark pink, lilac and purple leading to red, orange, orange/yellow and finally yellow. There are approximately 25 dahlias in each bed but I am still left with some space, which I fill with two large cannas at the end of each bed. Considering I am only arranging plants, it is surprising how long this takes, although, I am dead heading as I go. I leave actual planting until tomorrow, but I do plant four beautiful magenta flowered, dark leaved specimens in each of the blue urns in the paradise garden to give some colour at the base of the climbers. Before going inside, I visit the polytunnel and move flax, arenaria, and salvia into bigger planting trays…I am in a constant battle to give myself more time, to delay final planting outside.

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