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Family visit


I am up early to cook, today we are being visited by my uncle and aunt that we haven’t seen for 20 years…quite an occasion!

The ‘evil’ squirrel or possibly badger or both, have dug up leeks, mustard, the French beans and Lettuce again and spinach…this is getting beyond a joke! Although there are tell tale nuts at the crime scenes, there is now a deeper hole with a poo at the bottom, indicating a badger invasion! We do try to block off the garden at night but we do not have a proper gate to the orchard…I am conscious we need to eat up the sweetcorn before the badger discovers it! I huffily replant my vegetables, this is not an ideal situation for good growth and I return to my cooking, the kitchen is transformed and I’m relieved that my long lost family will not witness the original ‘slum’ version!

My sister and her partner join us for the reunion which goes very well despite my poor uncle having terrible trouble finding us - our address confuses most satnavs!

I make quiche ( I do sneak in a bit of courgette), roast some gammon, and prepare potato salad, fresh beetroot, tomato/cucumber/basil/red onion salad, mixed leaves and radish all from the garden, and a chocolate trifle - nothing to do with the garden!

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