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21 November 2019

Because today is Thursday, I start work later (6.00pm) so I can to visit Dad in the afternoon, which means I can stay outside until at least 2.00pm. This increased time means that I manage to dig up all the Cannas, Begonias and the remaining Dahlias and bring them all into safety – the Cannas & Begonias to the basement and the Dahlias to the cold frames. I start by digging up the two giant red leaf Cannas at the start of the central border. This s always a challenging job - I lever them out of the ground after digging all around the edge of their root ball with my spade and fork. I can just about lift out the massive clumps of earth and plonk them into the biggest plastic tubs that I possess.

A large amount of my plastic pot collection is reused for this type of job each year. They are virtually indestructible (hence the environmental problem) and are incredibly useful. As I have said before, I believe the best way to deal with existing plastic in the garden is to keep reusing it. Meave films me on her phone moving the biggest Canna because it is an amusing, if unwieldly process. I find a variety of different containers to house the rest of the Cannas, many of which are getting quite large as well- the tubers grow and multiply every year.

I move three large trays and two baskets of bulbs and the propagator covers into the Polytunnel to give me space in the basement to house the Cannas. Thanks goodness I don’t have to find room for the Dahlias in here as well. Luckily, the Begonias are only flat bulb like things and do not take up too much room. Everywhere I go I see so much “tidying up” that’s needs to be done but I must stick to my priorities and concentrate on the essential jobs while I still can.

I then shoot off to the Hospital as quickly as I can, bringing Patrick who is bored sitting at home with his leg up… we really are like and episode of “24 hours in A&E”, Patrick’s favourite programme!

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