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I got up early and removed the tables and the shelf cabinet from the polytunnel. Now there is beautiful stained glass at the ends of the tunnel I realise it would be a shame for it to be obscured by ugly things on the inside. I also move my old wooden cabinet on the other side, I put this at the end of the central bed where despite its rough exterior it looks quite good, I put the parlour palm on the top of it and the polytunnel starts to take on a whole new 'feel'. The corner with the tables and shelves has been a nightmare for years, very hard to access because I had to balance on a rotten pallet, which my foot quite often disappeared through! Therefore I'm glad that I am being forced to reorganise things. After a prolonged watering session, I carry on weeding the central border and I planted out the asters and arabis into the space vacated by cutting back the Tradescantia. Having finished weeding the central borders I then weed all four fruit tree borders and tied some plants back. These beds are finished more quickly than I expected - that makes a change! I then tied back the vine, the polytunnel is looking really good and Grandad loves it and says it needs a special name.

Patrick is now working on the back of the tunnel (thankfully he has taken this week off work). Aideen has taken responsibility for the area in the polytunnel that housed the tables and shelves and has started to dig it out. The intention is to lay some slabs or paving blocks - this is hard work because it is very hot! Diane has started to point the path that runs alongside the tunnel, this is a good idea as this path becomes very weedy. When James comes in from work he fits the handles onto the fruit cage doors. These are traditional metal cup handles that were probably originally on a dresser, but they look great on the doors.

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