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Energy has deserted me


I am very tired today, this is partly due to my poor organisation of taking my antibiotics on an empty stomach. I keep finding I need to take tablets at a time when I would have been eating. This results in me going to music school with no breakfast and having to delay lunch when I get home, surviving until 2:00 on 2 bite sized flapjacks provided by Mark in our break. Might explain my lack of energy!

It could also be due to Patrick and I never taking a day off and working late most nights.. well we have planned to take Monday off together to visit a garden to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary - we'll probably both sit on a bench and fall asleep.

Anyway, despite poor energy levels I'm still determined to work outside. Patrick and James have been working on the 'vine mount' and are putting in a foundation for the outside wall of the first terrace. This has involved a great deal of hard work, not helped by both cement mixers deciding to break down. Patrick decides to buy a new mixer, but when he gets it home and tries to assemble it, a faulty screw thread is discovered. Stress levels are now running high so I ask James and Meave to take the faulty mixer back to Wickes to be replaced before Patrick explodes - this whole sorry episode has caused a big delay to them completing the job, apart from costing money. This scenario is depressingly familiar, most of our restoration/DIY jobs take more time, more labour and more money than you initially anticipate. Also tools and equipment often seem to conspire against you by going wrong or disappearing. I feel very sorry for Patrick who is clearly exhausted, Aideen had just come outside after deciding to delay her practice and she helps him mix some cement by hand in the barrow.

I am on a seemingly endless quest to finish planting out everything in the polytunnel. Pretty much all of the vegetables are now in the garden, except the leeks which is normal - they grow quite slowly and will be planted in a bed vacated by an earlier veg' like the peas. I want to plant the dahlias and cannas, but I am conscious of trays of companion planting flowers that are 'out-growing' their trays and more desperate than the dahlias. I spend the afternoon planting a tray of antirrhinum, a tray of Ammi Visnago and half a tray of salvia - Summer Pink Jewel. These are planted into the beds surrounding the fruit cage in an attempt to keep these beds looking good throughout the summer. At the moment the beds are full of giant Allimums which look great with the sweet peas, but I want to sustain the display. There are lots of plants and this job takes ages ( I am weeding and clearing tulips at the same time!). I then give the beds a thorough soaking, I am very anxious to keep my sweet peas happy and healthy. I then get a bit of a 2nd wind and plant a tray of zinnias around the parsnips and endives.

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