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It is a garden visit today, but worryingly the weather is looking dodgy. I finish weeding the Manuka bed and plant them with the remaining bedding. I plant the bedding dahlias into the containers under the arches and the urns in the herb bed. I also returned to the roses in the front field border to give them a light prune. Aideen has been dead heading these roses and I explain to her that she needs to cut off flower heads back to a 'leaf joint'. It is unsurprising that she was confused where to cut, especially with floribunda roses, but choosing the right spot promotes healthy re-growth.

We decide to prepare the extension for our visitors in case we have a downpour, it is not practical to use the marquee because the wind is picking up. I also pick all the courgettes (which are producing at an alarming speed) to sell to our visitors if they are interested.

There is a heavy shower of rain before the group arrive, but the rain holds off at the start of their visit. However, a downpour hits us half way through the tour and I lead them back to the house. They just fit snugly into the extension, there are 20 of them and we give them their tea and cake early. Everyone seems quite happy and starts buying guide books and courgettes... brilliant! I shall do this for future visits because although we eat most of the produce there is a limit to how much we can use! With perfect timing the sun comes out and we resume our tour, everyone seems happy and some have more tea at the end! After they leave Emma and Bobby arrive (because Travis is coming to look at the electrics) and we all have a well-earned break. When Travis arrived with the materials for the job it poured with rain and the poor man was soaked! On the plus side the new roof on the polytunnel is amazing, obviously no leaks, but absolutely deafening in the heavy rain!!!

That evening I pick blackberries and apples in the orchard and make a crumble... Meave's favourite!

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