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Eastbury (Northwood) Horticultural Society

We were expecting 40 people so we planned for a 'split guided tour' - basically 2 guided tours with refreshments in the middle. Luckily I am not on my own and have Aideen and Diane to serve refreshments. I get up early to water and then ice cakes. I then went up to the bees to tidy up the planting - this is supposed to look as natural as possible so I am trying to create a very soft transition from the completely wild orchard into the artificially planted area. Therefore it is not simply a case of taking out all weeds, some will stay...artifice. This area has also become very dry so I have to bring the hose pipe up to it. The bees are doing brilliantly and the bee man is due to increase the size of the hives. Everyone is helping this morning including Patrick - who was removing field bind weed from round the bases of the raised beds int he potato quarter - field bind weed is a real problem in this area.

Aideen is cleaning the house and organising the crockery and Diane is on general tidying duty in the garden. I tidied up the polytunnel, and in the end 34 people came for the visit. The afternoon was very successful and Diane and Patrick followed my 2nd guided tour - curious to hear what I would say. We had some very good comments but did not sell many guidebooks. Because of the double guided tour they didn't leave until 5:00. At 5:30 I had a rehearsal with the guitarist in my summer concert and one of the young singers in my choir to prepare for her solo song. We then left for Philharmonic at 6:30.

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