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Ear test


Today I had my appointment at the hospital about my ears as I have tinnitus. My original appointment was in February but they were not able to give me a hearing test, which made the appointment rather pointless. I was then given an appointment in December! After making a plea that I needed something a little quicker - my job in music after all - they gave me an appointment in September. I am found to have mild hearing loss in the higher range, unsurprising after all of my years playing in orchestras. I had a particular loud trumpet in my ear on Sunday evening. I am referred for a routine scan and a tinnitus consultation. Fortunately my hearing is not such an issue in the garden, and distraction seems to be a good way of coping with tinnitus. I have already noticed that when I am absorbed in my outside work, I barely notice the noise in my ears.

I am determined to have a decent amount of time outside today because we have our final two visits tomorrow. I have a massive watering session, that takes several hours - although watering at this time of year does take a step back because many vegetables are at the end of their season or ready to harvest, and the nights are quite cool, which reduces the stress on the plants. I now water once in the day time, rather than morning and late evening - this is a relief as I do not enjoy struggling around 56 raise beds with my cantankerous, elderly hose pipe in the dark! I then weed the fruit cage and do a large amount of deadheading before starting my teaching at 4 o'clock.

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