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31 MARCH 2020

Today started well – I have a new system in the mornings that when I am close to finishing off all of my duties with the “elderlies” in their annexe, I buzz the house and someone prepares their breakfasts and bring them over, giving me one less thing to do.

66 Cosmos and 18 Osteospermums arrived from Parkers so I started the day potting them up. These plants arrive in tiny modular trays and I pot them up in large celled trays to allow them to grow on a little, prior to planting them in.

I then get round to pruning the Red Stemmed Cornus in the field border and take their stems over to the fruit border. I have decided to push a few stems into the ground in front of my Peonies and Delphiniums in this bed to give them support and protection from the wind. I used these stems to support my peas last year, and it worked very well and looked good.

Patrick, James and Diane continue to work on the new shed which looks brilliant and seems to keep them all happily occupied for many hours each day.

Then disaster strikes!. Auntie Jean (one of my elderly charges), takes a fall and it is quite apparent that she has seriously hurt herself, hitting her face and I suspect breaking her arm, and an Ambulance is called straight away. The Ambulance comes remarkably quickly and she is whisked off to Hillingdon Hospital. No one is allowed to go with her because of the current situation with Coronavirus. We are all very concerned, primarily for her, as she is an extremely vulnerable 89 year old palliative patient, and the last place she needs to be going at the moment is to a hospital. It is something we have dreaded happening, even prior to the virus outbreak. Now we have the added concern of her being potentially exposed to the virus and coming home again to be cared for alongside my equally vulnerable father. We have managed to keep them both safe so far and Patrick is also one of the “high risk” people who have to stay at home as isolated as possible for twelve weeks.

I speak to the Hospital several times during the evening to check on Jean, who does not manage to get seen by a doctor for several hours. From talking to the nurses, it is clear that it is their intention is to return her to us a soon as possible. The nurse reassures me that Jean has been cared for in the “non-covid” part of the Hospital and that we do not need to worry about infection. I am 90% reassured, but we all know that there will be some risk to her in having had to leave home. I am also worried that it will be much harder to care for Jean now and that moving her comfortably will obviously be more difficult. Well, we will have to cope because she is coming home imminently!

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