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The forecast today is windy, so before we leave for music school Patrick decides that we should take the legs off of the marquees, leaving the roofs sitting on the ground. When we return from music school he decided we should dismantle them before going to the village fete. I crawl underneath the roof to retrieve the poles, but misjudge the height of the roof and catch the top of my head on an exposed screw. It really hurt, so I sat down to catch my breath and then blood poured from my head. James came to my assistance and I requested a wet tea towel to try to stem the bleeding. I then crawled out and after pouring water over my head, he inspected the damage and we realised a visit to 'minor injuries' was required. It transpired that I had a cut about 5cm long and 3mm deep on my head which required 8 stitches and glue! My blonde hair was red with blood and I was told that I couldn't wash my hair for a week and I couldn't play my bassoon for 24 hours, but much worse than that, I should avoid outside work with soil for a week!!! The nurse then commented I had gone very quiet and I tried to explain that I had hundreds of plants waiting to be planted. She said, she gives the advice but it's up to me what I do with it. At home everyones first response was not sympathy, but "can't you wear a hat". I decide to be sensible for a few days and then wear a shower cap. Meave manages to wash the blood out of my hair without getting water on the wound so I look less like an extra from a horror movie. Over the next few days I pay my elderly aunt an overdue visit and luckily it rains all day Monday - much needed for the garden and it makes it easier for me to stay inside... but I do buy a shower cap!

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