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Digger Time


I am up early to try and complete watering before Martin arrives with his digger to finish the 'Mushroom House' hole. It is very hot already and Martin arrives well before 8am - he is an 'early bird' and he is worried about the heat, and I don't blame him! While there is still some shade I make a start on the fruit cage border. This job has been repeatedly put off since the first open day. Patrick has finally installed the wires to train the fruit trees and then there has been no time to do the job! I prune 3 cherry trees and tie them back, weed the beds and despite the delay of carrying out this job, the trees look quite good when I've finished, but I must ensure that they are better watered.

Emma brings lovely baby Bobby for a visit which is a good thing because it is too hot to work outside by this time and we need a bit of a break.

After she left I carried on with planting out the 6 hanging baskets because this job could be done in a shady part of the garden. I had managed to buy 2 simple terracotta urns to fir in the 2 old green metal stands that I acquired sometime ago, and I planted these and put both of these 'stand' planters on either side of the front doors to the fruit cage. I also planted 7 pots to add to the display in the Auricula Theatre. I then went and watered for hours. Martin has not been able to finish the hole and will come back tomorrow. He could only use the smallest size digger and dumper because of access, so progress was slower than expected. None of us, especially Martin, is particularly thrilled with the prospect of continuing tomorrow because the forecast is for 39 degrees celsius.

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