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Difficult to change a routine

Updated: Aug 12, 2019


After the rain yesterday I am still on a very welcome break from watering, but I will water the polytunnel. I begin by tying in and deadheading the sweet peas which are beginning to move onto the roof of the fruit cage. When I do this job, I tie in any growth on the step-over apples and pears at the same time. Whilst in the fruit cage, I pick some strawberries and raspberries for breakfast - these berries are less high in sugar than other fruits - I am still in a quandary about how to tackle my raised blood sugar levels. I decide to eat during the day but not to eat this evening. I will find this hard because I am used to eating very late, but I'm concerned that this might be causing the problem.

I then decide to cut back all spent flowering stems in the field border and pull out any big obvious weeds. The 'cutting back' will include the delphiniums, the Lycnis, lupins, phlox and the euphorbias - these will require gloves, their sap will burn the skin! By the time I reach the end, I have filled the giant green barrow to overflowing. Half way through I go in to my healthy lunch... a large tuna salad comprising of lettuce, endive, rocket, basil, tomato, red onion and cucumber from the garden, with some feta and sweetcorn and a bowl of my courgette/pea/potato soup. I am full after this and don't think it will be a problem not eating later.

Having tidied the field border, I collect the remaining unplanted dahlias to put into any gaps that I've noticed in the planting. I also plant 2 dahlias into each of the urns at the start of the central border, removing the . pot lilies which have now finished. When I reach the end of the border, I 'dead head' the plants in the children's garden.

During the day, Diane has had a go at removing the weeds from the miniature orchard lawn. This lawn is full of weeds, and is not a great success, I think the ground is poor and we've decided to let it become a small, wild flower meadow. It is too late in the season to sow wild flower seed, so my intention is to in-plant little plants...this could look dreadful but we will wait and see. When Aideen finishes her practice, she comes out to help, and weeds around the edge of the dahlia borders and starts weeding the courgette beds.

I am still outside at nearly 9:30pm, Patrick, James and Diane have been working to prepare the mushroom house hole for its floor slab. I am now feeling hungry, so I cut back the dead flower heads on the sage to distract myself. It is going to be very hard to change my eating routine, because even when I am not teaching or taking/attending rehearsals in the evening, I am used to working outside all evening until it gets dark. I do not want to interrupt that precious time to eat a meal and if I did I would not want to come back outside after eating my dinner and I know Patrick definitely wouldn't! I'm in a dilemma, I resolve to stick to my plan to not eat this evening and see how I feel in the morning.

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