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Diane Delivery


We all played in church this morning (Diane hopping there on her crutches) which was nice. It was not a very productive day outside because Patrick and I decided to drive Diane to Peterborough that evening, so she wouldn't have to miss work again. I had planned to make steak and kidney pie with red cabbage and apple and I was determined that this should still happen so I prepared it during the afternoon so the girls could put it in the oven while we were delivering Diane. This dinner was using the first of the red cabbage. I have grown lots of red cabbage - it is a great favourite of mine and it looks beautiful in the garden. Some of the cabbages had been quite badly chewed by various pests so I brought in 3 or 4 small ones to put together once the damaged leaves were discarded. This is my general philosophy on pest control - if you are truly organic you have to tolerate pest damage, but I usually find that there is still plenty left for everyone, even after pests have done their worst, and there is no point getting stressed about these things! We got home at about 11:00pm to a fantastic dinner of steak and kidney pie, braised red cabbage and apple (cooked with onion, sugar, nutmeg and balsamic vinegar) and mashed potato!

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