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Day before the Open Day

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

21 April 2019

We are all up at 7.00am to try and finish off Diane’s recording; it is a good job we do not have any neighbours (apart from the dead ones in the graveyard). Meave, Aideen and I then rush off to play in the Easter Service at the Church whilst Diane stays at home to continue working. We do not stay after Church for the “egg rolling”, which is a great shame as the girls have enjoyed this for many years in the past. We also missed the Dawn Bonfire that morning for the first time in ages – it is just impossible to do everything.

Today is full of interruptions so progress is slow. I am desperately trying to finish weeding the Field border but it is much worse than I was expecting, considering it was weeded not that long ago. I think it is because the weather is so warm and there are still quite big gaps in the planting where the herbaceous perennials have yet to “fill out”. The weeds have seen their opportunity and have leapt in. I also think I tend to forget this border is 60m long and 3.0m deep so it is never a small job.

Everywhere else is a hive of industry. Signs are being put up, the wooden surrounds for the dwarf fruit tree plant tubs are being put in place, areas of polythene are being straightened and swept. Patrick is everywhere, despite his leg, strimming down the track, putting up protective fences and securing steps to make the garden friendly for our expected visitors.

Also, in the middle of the day, our dear fiend Paul comes over to help put up the marquees. He is very involved with the Scouts and therefore loves anything to do with tents! It has been decided that both marquees will go up to provide shade because it is too hot – in April! (We had bought them in case it was too cold and wet). Patrick also decides that at least some of the netting should go on the Fruit Cage, because when the Choir visited on Good Friday, they did not understand the “cage” concept without the netting being in place.

Whilst checking over the Vegetable Garden, I discover the beautiful large Primula clumps wilting in the heat so these all receive a good watering and a bit of dead heading. Whilst there, I weed these beds as well and decide to water all the new vegetables, onions, shallots, garlic, peas and broad beans. Later in the evening I go inside to bake. I make four sponges and forty eight fruit buns and I try to write the introduction to our “mini- masque”. That night we all stay up really late, except Diane, who is not feeling well and has missed out on lots of sleep already.

After baking, I move on to sorting out the Information Board and James, Aideen and Meave are sitting outside (at 3.00am) writing and painting signs, cleaning bathrooms and generally tidying up. Not much sleep is had by anyone and we will all be up early again in the morning – it will all be worth it I am sure.

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