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Day before garden visit


It really is stupidly busy at the moment, I have my grade exams this morning so I try to at least get the watering done before I leave. After the exams I visit Nik's nursery to pick up canes, string and 10 New Guinea Impatiens - these are large showy plants that he has an offer on at the moment, if you buy 10. He is curious as to how I get through so much string - I consider it to be one of the most important bits of garden kit! I also have favourite string which he finds very amusing! Basically gardening involves some rather cunning and artful processes to make plants behave as we wish and trimming and tying up and supporting are essential, even when you are aspiring for a natural look...nothing is ever natural and this is where the string comes in! As soon as I get home I plant the impatiens - 4 vermillion, into the containers with ivy outside the front door - they illuminate the shade and go well with the dark green paint. 2 white and one deep pink go into the large grand urn next to the play house. 2 lilac specimens go into the containers next to the bench that sits at the top of the central path surrounded by the silver leaves of Cineraria maritima. The cineraria has carried on from last year and was flowering and unruly, so this was ruthlessly cut back to produce fresh new growth. There is little available time today because we will have to leave at 5:00 for the last big rehearsal for the Summer concert on Saturday. Aideen (who broke up from Guildhall on Tuesday) has been helping with some weeding, she has weeded the sweetcorn beds and started on the beans. I am very tired. I have been sitting up until the small hours writing out parts for the concert and getting up really early to water - it is still very hot and dry! I manage to tie up the tomatoes, weed the borders outside the back of the house and tied up floppy plants trying to escape the dry shade of the house wall. I started to cut back the flax which has now finished blooming, I stayed up to bake and went to bed at about 2:45am!

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