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Having finished seed planting for the time being I can now pot up the Dahlias. Today is the first day of the Easter break, no music school and no concerts, well not for me, and I intend to make the most of it. I guess I have more than 100 Dahlias to pot up, they are presently waiting patiently in the root cellar. Many of them are very big clusters of tubers and the first job is to find enough pots, that are big enough, to plant them in. I start planting by about 9:30am and pot up the last tubers at 18:00pm. During this time I am sitting on a little stool at the front of the polytunnel surrounded by pots, mud and Dahlia tubers. Grandad comes and stands at the door and rather puzzled, comments, "what are you doing with all these old sticks?". I explain that these unpromising looking things will become beautiful Dahlias, he looks at me doubtfully. I then count up how many Dahlias I have potted up and it is 206!!! I have slightly underestimated how many there were! The middle bed of the polytunnel is now practically full. The Cannas are already in residence in this bed along with the auriculas. Speaking of Cannas, frustratingly I find 2 big pots containing about 8 Canna Tubers, 'Louis Cottin' and 'Red King' in the root cellar, that were overlooked when I planted up the Cannas earlier in the year so I add them to the collection and for good measure I pot up 30 Begonia corms. Whilst this 'potting up marathon' has been taking place, Patrick, assisted by James, has been laying the brick paving in the fruit cage. This looks fantastic but the dust from cutting the bricks has covered the leaves of my fruit bushes and strawberries. After a rather pained looked from me, Patrick promises to hose them down at the end of the day.

I eventually coax Meave outside and persuade her to weed 2 raised beds in preparation for planting the earliest potatoes - result! I finish the day tidying up and sweeping the polytunnel, which is looking very productive. I decide I don't want to come in, so I put on my brilliant builders lights. I then weed the tops of the Canna pots, which are smothered in small annual weeds - the joys of using my own compost which is full of weed seeds! This is because it is cold composted, compost has to reach high temperatures to kill weed seeds. Oh well, never mind! I finally come inside some time after 20:00pm. A very productive day!

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