• Kay

Dahlia Big Push

20 November 2019

I am very aware of my shortened time in the garden each day. This can not be helped but I am very anxious to at least carry out the essential tasks before Winter sets in. I really must try to get all of the tender plants safely inside to shelter, I need to finish planting the bulbs and the Vines are still waiting to go in. Once these tasks are completed, other garden jobs can be left until I am more available. Hopefully, Patrick will be up and about quite soon, and we can progress other things.

I have a “turbo charged” Dahlia removal session and I manage to bring in the main crop of tubers from the beds around the fountain and tuck them snugly away into the cold frames. After shooing curious cats out of the cold frames before closing them up, I rush inside, clean off at least some of the mud and jump into the car for the trip to the Hospital, literally running when I get there to try and catch up with time.

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