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Creating Miniature Gardens

An apology: I feel I should apologise for my diary disappearing and reappearing with multiple entries. This is mainly due to the very imminent Open Day on Easter Monday. We are all working ridiculously long hours and the diary/blog has been a bit neglected. However, I am determined to get it “online” even if retrospectively, because it is interesting to get a snapshot of what is involved in preparing for such an event.

17 April 2019

The weather is beautiful today and as the day progresses, it gets really warm. Tulips are opening up everywhere and it really is a colour feast for the eyes. There are so many things to notice but I will especially mention the incredibly tall white tulips surrounding the taller Magnolia tree in the Organ Bed – they are beyond statuesque. I am also very impressed by the partnership of Narcissi Falconet and Tulip Verandi (a cut price bulb deal from Parkers) that are now blooming outside the front of the house. Not only do they look beautiful but I cannot believe that the Narcissi Falconet, that started blooming weeks ago, have managed to hang on until the Tulips have bloomed.. I should have more faith in the power and power of nature!

Today is another of those exciting moments when I can put plants in place and create the final effect. After weeks of waiting for the playhouse to be finished, I can finally put the pots of plants into the Children’s Garden and I stand gazing at them for some time, admiring them and making some minor adjustments. I put some old Ladybird books onto the little shelf in the Playhouse – no house, however small, should be without books. I resolve that I will, somehow, squeeze myself into the Playhouse and have a little read in a quiet moment after the Open day.

There is a “Lazarus” moment in the garden. One double Primula has been looking very sick for the past week and as result did not get placed in the Auricula Theatre – very sad. I placed the pot amongst the herbs in the Herb Garden, fully expecting the plant to die. This morning it has miraculously “perked up” and I delightedly carry it to the Auricular Theatre and put it in pride of place; it was obviously determined not to be left out.

I spend hours today creating a miniature Japanese Garden in an old shallow sink that we have had for ages – another of my mad ideas. Having watched Monty Don’s recent travels to Japan, I decided that although we have nowhere appropriate for a full size Japanese Garden, I make a miniature one. This idea was greeted with some raised eyebrows, especially when I was spotted raking sand (in lieu of gravel) with a back scratcher, which looks like a very tiny rake. However, it worked and the end result is very satisfying.

More boxes of tiny plants arrive in the post – 15 Thunbegia and 30 Geraniums so I pot these up and after replanting various containers, I have to go inside because I have a Choir rehearsal at 6.00pm.

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