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Continuing saga of ‘James and the Bee’

3 MAY 2020

When I am still watering the cold frames, late in the morning a very agitated James runs up the path beside me. “It’s on me!, It’s on me!”, he cries and I can hear a muted buzzing. James has run in to trouble with his wild bee again…he is convinced it is the same bee, he says he recognises the bee’s belligerent attitude and north London accent! I think the bee is under James’ t-shirt and suggest he takes it off, James rushes off flapping his shirt and the bee goes.

A little later I am in the music room chatting to Aideen when in rushes a very flustered and rather cross James, “You won’t believe it, the b@$7&4% has stung me!”. It transpired that the bee flew into James’ ear (the bee is very small) and while James was desperately trying to remove it, the bee stung the inside of the top of the ear. James then got caught up in his wheelbarrow in the commotion and tripped over a raised bed, up ending the wheelbarrow and grazing his arm as he fell over landing onto the side of another bed. I’m afraid Aideen and I failed to be suitably sympathetic and both laughed hysterically. If even there was a case of ‘David and Goliath’ this was it, the bee had definitely defeated poor James. James has now refused to return to that quarter of the vegetable patch!

Not much progress today except more weeding – ironically the main thing I seemed to be pulling out of the beds are where self seeded giant salsify!

I prepared the last of the leeks for tonight’s dinner – a large chicken, leek and mushroom pie. It was quite fiddly because they had all formed an inner core because they were about to flower and this needed removing. However, ‘waste not, want not’ – my favourite saying of the moment and every leek grown this year has been used… Brilliant!

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