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Concert silly season


I got up early this morning to water the garden because I didn't do it last night. This is because we are now in the busy patch at the end of term with concerts Saturday and Sunday every weekend. I also have school concerts and my summer church concert, both require preparation, (work that happens late when I've finished teaching), parts to be written, programmes organised etc. I also have my grade exams for my students and two quite big groups coming to visit the garden in the next two weeks. I water the fruit and fruit cage borders, rose bed, crabapples and all new veg beds and it took about 1 1/2 hours! This was partly because I did a bit of weeding as I went - conscious that we will have a group visiting next week. I then (after watering them) put compost on the four smaller dahlia beds and started planting out the remaining dahlias. Unfortunately I didn't manage to finish this job before I had to go inside to teach. I rushed inside at 3:20 ( I start teaching at 3:30) covered in mud to find Aideen already in the shower! What was she doing in the shower, she wasn't dirty and she wasn't going anywhere, so I evicted her rather unceremoniously and rushed down to teach. I went back outside at about 9:30pm and finished planting the dahlias and I then gave the organ bed a good soaking. Diane is now home from university - thank the lord- and she has been weeding this bed, but it has become ridiculously dry and the soil is very poor. We discuss improving it with compost that evening whilst checking the blogs that Aideen has kindly typed up. I read the entry where I planted the ricinus plants and realise with a jolt that I have not remembered to water them...thank goodness for the blog! Diane comes out with me to shine her phone torch so I can check they are ok. Thankfully they are still alive and I give them a good soaking with a watering can.

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