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Colin moves outside


The day started with watering and deadheading the sweetpeas inside and out and also the dahlias. This took longer than expected and I also had to sort out washing and hang it on the line, prepare the dinner for tonight - with lots of broad beans that had to be picked and the removed from pods! Also I had to restore the music room to some semblance of normality after concert/rehearsal dumping had occurred, before I could teach later in the afternoon.

I did manage to clear the 4 smaller beds in preparation for dahlia planting, but I didn't manage to put compost on them or start any planting....this will have to wait until tomorrow. Randomly I decided that one of the pieces that I played in the concert on Saturday - Waltz from Masquerade Dances by Khachaturian would make a good theme tune for the garden. This piece (which I love) was playing on a loop in my head, it is like a slightly mad, crazy, 'over the top' waltz and it reminded me of the garden with its exuberant, multi coloured (Some times clashing) planting and its eccentric installations and sculptures pushing through the extravagant borders. Some how the two things, landscape and music, seemed to merge perfectly in my mind - fanciful? maybe. I did manage to move 'Colin the Cactus' into the polytunnel but I went into teach 3:25 ( I start work at 3:30) wondering where my day had gone to!

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