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Chicken Pox!


I am rather distracted today because a visit to the doctors has confirmed that the spots appearing on Diane yesterday are indeed Chicken Pox! Poor Diane has only been in her new job for 2 weeks - where she travels around the country working with children - and this week she will not be allowed to go! There has been the normal animal excavations in the garden, so I potter around, muttering under my breath, replanting plants! I am restarting my teaching today, it starts at 3:30-9:00pm, so the combination of preparing for work and cooking the dinner, combined with rainy weather keeps me mainly out of the garden. We eat well, I pick a big batch of borlotti beans which goes into a chilli which is served with sweetcorn and salad. The sweetcorn are huge and delicious and I'm keen for us to eat as many as possible before they go past their best or get stolen by badgers! I'm cooking for 7 tonight so that is 7 sweetcorn consumed! I am also putting large quantities of tomatoes into the food processor to make my own passata to use in these recipes.

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