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Chateau McHugh – maybe?

6 November 2019

Excitingly, the first 20 Grape Vines arrive today in two very large boxes. Slightly worryingly, I think it should have been three boxes and that the third box might still be on the van so I ring Pomana Fruits straight away. They assure me that the other 10 Vines are on their way in a different van and they should arrive shortly. The plants look strong and are about 1.0m tall. I stand them all in a sheltered spot just inside the courtyard to wait until they are ready to be planted out, which hopefully will be very soon.

I then turn my attention to the grass in the mini Orchard area which we hope will be a wild flower meadow next year. This has been an area of very poor grass for a long time and the recent dry summers have allowed perennial weeds to become well established. Patrick has already given the whole area a very short mow with the lawnmower and I decide to spend the day removing as many of the weeds as possible. This leaves some areas of almost bare disturbed earth which will be ideal for sowing in the wild flower seeds. When I have taken the worst of the weeds out, I will plant the bulbs first. I have planted hundreds of Crocuses for the past two years in this area and have got another 600 to plant in this year. I also have 200 Snakeshead Fritillary bulbs, an all time favourite of mine. When these bulbs are planted, I may sprinkle soil over the whole area before planting the wild flower seeds …… we will see.

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