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Chalfont U3A


We have a group visit today and it rained over night - result! This meant I only had to water the polytunnel I continued with general tidying and weeded the polytunnel. I finished weeding the Manuka beds, iced the cakes and cut back the Lingonberries and Californian poppies which are busily dropping seeds all over the paths. I try to remove the worst weeds in the 'brassica quarter', and sweep the paths. The group arrives early (as always). There are 30 people and they are very nice and appreciative. I then take them round as one group, which is a bit slow but they are really attentive and seem to enjoy the tour, they even gave me a round of applause! I manage to answer all of their questions...always a worry!, and they enjoy their tea. Later on at adult choir rehearsal we find out that one of the visitors has kindly given us a 5 start Google review!

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